Illinois Science Council


Illinois Science Council (“ISC”) is an independent, volunteer-driven 501c3 organization that engages, educates, and entertains the adult public about STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) in our everyday lives.  They work to showcase the scientists and research of the Chicago-area institutions and companies that make Chicago the nation’s true “City of Science.”

ISC was founded on the premise that understanding the scientific method and scientific discoveries is crucial to a well-rounded life. Appreciation of science and technology enhances our appreciation of ourselves and our world. It makes us better decision makers, smarter consumers, more knowledgeable voters, and more well-informed citizens. These subjects are also critical to understanding many of the major issues facing our nation. Yet, funding for science & tech outreach pales in comparison to that for arts and culture organizations.

Once beyond high school or college, opportunities to explore scientific ideas with actual practitioners are rare. Some people feel intimidated by science and technology topics due to inadequate background and training. But when information is presented clearly, in an engaging manner, most people find it fascinating.

ISC creates programs that allow adults to cultivate their innate curiosity about topics in science and technology. They strive to create engaging programs in a casual forum for scientists to discuss work that is interesting, important, and worthy of support. ISC serves as the adult complement to the many science outreach organizations focused on K-12 students. ISC is also the science counterpart to Chicago’s many public outreach efforts for arts and humanities. They promote all areas of science – from astronomy to zoology and everything in between. It’s about making science and technology a more common part of general social discourse, which helps students, educators, parents, elected officials, professionals in all fields … all of us!

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*Text and images taken from the ISC website