Our New Logo

New NMHM Chicago Logo!

Earlier this year, we were lucky enough to partner with UIC’s Biomedical Visualization program to redesign our logo. Students from their Advanced Graphic Design course, led by Donna Hughes, visited NMHM Chicago and talked with our staff members to get a behind-the-scenes look at what we do and why we do it. They then took that information to create new logos for the museum that would encapsulate and communicate the ideologies that inspire our work. We were incredibly impressed with the skill and insight that went into every student’s designs, but could only choose one…

We are happy to announce that the design by second-year BVIS student Samantha Olson has been chosen as our new official logo!! 



Straddling the boundaries between simplicity and complexity, her design eloquently embodies the core concepts that drive NMHMChicago. Her description clearly articulates the thought that went into her work:

"The National Museum of Health + Medicine Chicago exhibits a dichotomy between tradition and innovation. It hosts a historic collection on a digital display to honor the ancient practice of medicine and how it’s modern research continues to transform the world. This notion of evolution inspired the logo. The phylogenetic tree represents growth and preservation, ancestral descent with modification, history and innovation. The position of the museum demonstrates NMHM Chicago’s role in the community – it is a formative member. Also, NMHMC is a link in a network, such as the expanding NMHM museum network. At a reduced size, the logo becomes an eye to capture the exploration and education the museum offers. The circle resembles a traditional seal to recognize the national and official status of the NMHM Chicago, yet is modern and unique in the use of line.  The gold evokes the stimulating, radiant and respectable qualities of the museum and is complemented by the deep teal, which represents the dignified, intelligent, and healthcare-related focus."

Thank you Samantha Olson and all of the other BVIS students that submitted their designs. We are hugely grateful for all of your efforts. Special thanks to Donna Hughes for introducing us to such a talented group of students!