Traumatic Brain Injury

The Traumatic Brain Injury exhibit examines the causes, mechanism, symptoms, and treatment of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). There is a special focus on two common causes of TBI – military and sports injuries – as well as the most common type, mild TBI. The exhibit also features interactive elements that allow visitors to learn about normal brain anatomy and traumatic brain injuries.



NMHM Chicago is proud to partner with ADA 25 Chicago in recognition of

the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act with this exhibit.  

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The Biomedical Visualization (BVIS) Department from the University of Illinois at Chicago and recent BVIS graduates:
Ginny Beth Fulford
Meredith Hoffman
Ali Padilla

Adler University CSP Interns and students:
Sarah Weisman
Le'Schon Woodson
Lyndsey Hedger
Danny Sledger
Kelly Cline

Alex O'Donnel, the Traumatic Brain Injury survivor who participated in this exhibit.

Dr. Phil Epstein
Reveca Torres - Director of BACKBONES
Susan Daugherty
Nana Livne - Nutrition educator

Brain Injury Association of Illinois:
Philicia L. Deckard - Executive Director
Ginny Lazzara - Board Chair