Reinventing The Wheel


stories of life after spinal cord injury


BACKBONES presents: 21 Photographers + 21 People with Spinal Cord Injury = 21 Interactive Photo Stories about ABILITY

This collection of visual storytelling highlights REAL lives, starts conversations, changes attitudes and empowers many to shift views leading to better access to housing, employment, education and recreation for people with disabilities.

BACKBONES provides one-on-one peer support for people with spinal cord injury and their families.


Exhibit credits for "REINVENTING THE WHEEL: Stories of Life After Spinal Cord Injury"

Reveca Torres, Executive Director of BACKBONES
Michael Doyle, PhD,  Founder and Board Chairman, NMHM Chicago


Exhibit Development:

BACKBONES: Reveca Torres, Nick Daggers, Katie Terry Corbridge, Patricia Mikicic, Jose Luis Alejandre, Jaclyn Whitehair, Noe Torres, Veronica Gott

Reveca Torres--Kyle LaMere, Marcela Turnage--Sean Dackermann, Ashley Schahfer--Giles Clement, Josh Spencer--Kremer & Johnson, Erik Kondo--Ethan Backer, Christopher Hyldahl--Prentice Danner, Ellen Stohl--Alexander Slanger, Xander Mozejewski--Brian Averill, Stan Clawson--Ed Glazar, Kein-Ann Steed--Daniel Setiawan, Joe McTigue--Joshua Beckman, Stefany Campos--Jonathan Russell, Katie Terry--Angelina Giles, Mariam Pare--Jessica Pierotti, Brooke Mylie--Margaret Jacobsen, Joe Brown--Allen Myer, Jason Fowler--Jason Speakman, Nick Fonner--Studio Finch, George Gallego--Robert Presutti, Jerry McGill--Xavier Vargas, Russell Moon--Dominic Greco

NMHM Chicago: Lauren Kalinoski, Erich Theiss, Cynthia Lilagan, Amie Zimmerman, Michael Doyle, Elise Pescitelli, Jennifer Rogers, Sandy Gerding (Consultant), Eduardo Enciso (Volunteer - Spanish Translation)