3 Singers


About 3 Singers

3 Singers is an innovative performance and installation combining live and recorded music, movement, and technology in order to raise awareness and expand knowledge about issues faced by female laborers in the global textile industry.

3 Singers explores the role of women's rights in the textile industry through three different periods of global history: pre-Civil War agricultural production, the Industrial Revolution, and the contemporary ‘sweatshop’. From warped birdsong controlled with Xbox Kinnect cameras to vintage Singer sewing machines modified to manipulate the vocalists’ singing, this technopera is sure to engage and intrigue audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

The international premier of 3 Singers was presented in Krakow, Poland in November 2014. The Chicago premier will occur in January 2015 and will also feature a month-long exhibition of the dramaturgical research for the project - Excavating the Singer: Female Voice, Labor, and Migration - through a special partnership with the National Museum of Health + Medicine Chicago.

Audiences can further engage with 3 Singers through a smartphone application developed specifically for the multi-media installation at the National Museum of Health + Medicine Chicago. The app will feature articles, photographs, video, and resources connecting audience to organizations addressing female laborers’ rights.


3 Singers Creative Team:

3 Singers Performers:

Katie Mazzini
Hope Littwin
Jenna Lyle


3 Singers Technical Team: 

Todd Clark (Lighting Designer)
Katherine Dreher (Program Manager)
Cory Herberger (Technical Assistant)
Kristin Mariani (Costume Designer)
Richard Norwood (Technical Director)
Matthew Gregory Hollis (Photographer)

Additional thanks to Benny at Reliable Sewing Machines, Jose Aguilar, Bryan Back, Isabella Fangman, Sarah Gilmore, Matthew Gregory Hollis, Robin Lee, Doug Malone, Nick Paras, Duncan Reily, StudioFilmLove, Claire Sullivan & Chris Wilham


3 Singers Exhibition Team: 

Elizabeth Cummings (Exhibition Coordinator)
Hugh Sato (Exhibition Programmer)
Additional exhibition research by Sara Legg


Special Acknowledgments

Christine Dunn
Esther Grimm
Sylvia Fergus
Ingeborg Kohler
Mabel Kwan
Emma Peterson
Bob Shapiro & Ginger Farley
Irene Sherr
Roberto Sifuentes
Sara Slawnik
Jeanne Uzdawinis
Lenore Zuck
3 Singers alumnae Nadia Chana, Sabrina Lastman, Maggie Mascal, Lara Oppenheimer & Jennifer Wright
Advisors Winston Calvert, Heather Liberman, Eric Mandat, David Muschler & Craig Strurtz
The Cliff Dwellers Club staff including Dana Horst, Dominic Johnson, & Trish Van Der Beck
The National Museum of Health and Medicine Chicago staff including Mike Doyle, Cyndy Lilligan, Lauren Kalinoski, Elise Pescitelli, Heather Robbins, & Eric Theiss
Performance volunteers Goldie Marian Murray, Kat Alice Tae & Stephen James Webb 


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3 Singers is generously supported by the following institutions and organizations, as well as many generous individual donors:

• National Museum of Health and Medicine Chicago

• Experimental Sound Studio, supported by a Community Arts Assistance Program grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.

• CRICOTEKA Gallery and Museum in Krakow, Poland

• City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events In-the-Works Residency

• 3AP Awards, supported by 3Arts and the Joyce Foundation

• University of Illinois Chicago School of Music and Theater

• University of Chicago Logan Center for the Performing Arts



Photos of opening night and the exhibit: 



Performance photos by Matthew Gregory Hollis: