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The newest code school in Chicago, CodeAbode, starts classes on June 1. CodeAbode offers “boot camp” and part-time options designed to turn students into web and mobile app developers. CodeAbode is a division of the National Museum of Health and Medicine Chicago (NMHM Chicago), which promotes knowledge of health and medicine and encourages scientific research and innovation. NMHM Chicago engages the public through cutting edge technologies and digital exhibitions, and serves as a locus of education for scholars, innovators, students, educators and the general public. 

Dr. Mike Doyle, Founder and Chair of the NMHM Chicago, said, “As a part of the Museum, CodeAbode’s niche in the marketplace will focus on health, medicine and fitness applications. Our collaboration with the Museum allows us to offer the highest quality instruction at a rate approximately 25% less than our competitors.”

“Students don't have to have a health or medical background, but our classroom examples will have that focus”, said Executive Director Scott Harper. “High school students, college grads, IT professionals, tech-savvy doctors and anyone who wants to learn to code will learn by doing at CodeAbode.”   

CodeAbode launched a CTA advertising campaign and opened registration for classes. Bootcamp and individual courses start June 1 at CodeAbode, application information can be found at     

Classes will include: HTML5 and CSS3, Phone Apps/Introduction to Programming, Advanced Programming/Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming, Phone-specific Programming, Advanced Server and Databases, Advanced Health and Medical Apps. 



For more information, visit the CodeAbode website!